Conveyancing fee increase with effect 16 May 2022

May 16, 2022 | , | News

The recommended conveyancing fees have increased with effect of today, 16 May 2022.


What are conveyancing fees?

When you deal with your property, for instance when you purchase / sell a property, register or cancel a bond over your property, there are certain fees which are payable to the relevant attorney(s) assisting you, or to the Deeds Office or a different party as the case may be.

The fees involved are not fixed, there is however a general guideline of fees which is recommended in terms of the Conventional Deeds Act.

Each transaction is different, it is therefore recommended that a quotation for the estimated fees involved be requested from the conveyancer assisting you before dealing with your property.

Contact attorney and conveyancer Petra van Vuuren at for any assistance you may require in dealing with your property.

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