Empowering Our Youth

Jul 6, 2022 | , , , , | News

We had the honour of hosting the lovely 13 year old Bohlweki, a grade 7 pupil, this week. Bohlweki job shadowed at CK Law and what a fun time we all had.

Can you believe it, a 13-year-old wanting to become the world’s best attorney at such a young, vibrant age?

We were truly pleased to have someone so young wanting to spend some time with us. Bohlweki loves watching crime documentaries from all over the world and is extremely intrigued in what the world of law is all about.


On her first day, she accompanied Izabella Saptouw to the High Court of Cape Town, where she sat in on a criminal hearing before Judge Gamble. Bohlweki met all the Registrars and even had some experience with the famous Room 1. They also visited the Cape Town Magistrates’ Court and comparisons were made between the High Court and Magistrate Court. She thoroughly enjoyed this and had many questions for Izabella. Bohlweki then assisted Petra van Vuuren and Angela Vushe with some research, and we reminded her that this is what law entails, A LOT of READING. Bohlweki updated our Civil Practice of the Magistrates’ Court in South Africa, 10th Edition, Volume 1 of the Act in a matter of minutes.

On her second day, Bohlweki learnt a bit more about the labour side of law which she too thoroughly enjoyed.

After all of this, we asked Bohlweki if she still wanted to become an attorney and her enthusiastic response was – most definitely. Bohlweki is ready to take on the world and at the young age of 13!

A big world for a bright mind.

One question Bohlweki asked has given us some food for thought – are there female judges? We are pleased to say, yes there are, and we need more strong, independent, well grounded young people to enter our field, and Bohlweki in our humble view, has a bright future ahead. Watch out world.

We look forward to being apart of Bohlweki’s success in her bright future and it was an excellent experience for her and all the staff here at CK Law.

Thank you for choosing our practise to spend some time with Bohlweki, it was an honour.

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